We operate on a membership basis where all members can play an active role in the day to day operation, development and strategic direction of the Inverclyde Shed.

Our membership costs £10 per annum (discretionary concessionary rates will be considered by the board upon application) and there is also a £1 donation every visit - this gets you unlimited cups of tea/coffee and some biscuits/cake and helps cover the basic running costs of the shed on a day to day basis.

Fill in the expression of interest form below, and we will get in touch to organise your visit to the shed for the first time for an informal introduction.

We ask everyone to visit the shed for an informal chat and tour of the shed before offering someone a place. Please come and visit the shed to find out what we do and to see if you would be interested in being a member of the shed. You can bring someone with you if you like. When we have met you we will be able to advise on the next steps if you wish to become a member. If you need support to come down to the shed you need to make these arrangements yourself.

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Emergency Contact Person
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To be able to participate in shed activities you need to be able to work with the tools, equipment and materials in the workshop with minimal supervision. You need good eyesight, manual dexterity and an awareness of the physical space around you. You also need to be able to identify hazards and safeguard against them, and be able to communicate with others about this. This helps everyone participate in the shed activities safely. We are a very small project and we are all volunteers so it’s not possible for us to support everyone to take part in the shed who wants to. We would like to be able to do this in the future though and we understand that many people in our community would benefit from being part of the shed, and the shed would benefit from the wide range of skills, experience, support and participation of our community. We need to do it this way at the moment because the volunteers who help run the shed also need time to be able to enjoy working on their own projects.